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Fine Art by  Eileen Shaloum

​​About Eileen


Artist's Statement:

 I am an abstract painter and mixed media artist who enjoys working with a variety of  subjects,  real, surreal or pure abstraction.  I bury images under layers of paint, pastel, charcoal, found  objects, cloth, photographs and collaged paper.  I frequently use written passages, which may  include poetry, quotes or old letters, in support of my message.  I play with line, shape, texture and  color trying to draw the viewer in to interact with the themes in my spirited compositions.

Reflection on life is what inspires me.  I base my themes on the world around me.  Whether it is women's issues, the everyday trials and tribulations of humanity, or my travels to awe-inspiring and exotic locations, my work is a reflection of things that are important to me.

I have exhibited in galleries and museums in New York and Florida in both group and one-person shows over the last three decades.  I have won many awards and I am in several private collections.