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​Reflecting on What Could Be

​ala Pablo Picasso


Famous Artists Reimagined

Acrylic Painting with Mixed Media using several representative elements of the artist to create these compositions

Interior with Cut-Outs

​ala Henri Matisse


Woman in Gold

ala Gustav Klimt


Viva La Frida

​ala Frida Kahlo


Kusama with Wings

​ala Yayoi Kusama


Modigliani on My Mind

​ala Amodeo Modigliani


Finding Frida

​ala Frida Kahlo


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Remembering Irina

​ala Friedenreich Hundertwasser

​​Diptych - Fabric, Acrylic Paint and Papers on Canvas


Irinaland in Cloth

ala Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Diptych - Fabric, Acrylic Paint and Papers on Canvas


Fine Art by  Eileen Shaloum